“As a company, we are committed to looking outside ourselves, and deploying our resources to assist other organizations and research efforts dedicated to improving the lives of people with autism and their families.”

-Rich Uhlig, Founder & CEO

The Clarifi® Dx diagnostic platform leverages new discoveries in epigenetics and the microbiome to provide first of its kind diagnostic solutions to many of today’s critical health care challenges.  Developed in medical research labs at SUNY Upstate Medical University and Penn State College of Medicine, Clarifi ASD® recently launched commercially in the US.  It is the first of its kind saliva test for autism spectrum disorder.  Quadrant has also developed and launched three COVID-19 solutions in partnership with with SUNY Upstate Medical University.

Why invest in Quadrant Biosciences?


Global leaders in the development of saliva-based molecular diagnostics

We develop saliva-based, RNA diagnostic solutions for autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson’s disease, concussion injury, and surveillance solutions for COVID-19.  We recently launched Clarifi ASD®, the world’s first saliva test for autism.


Comprehensive COVID-19 testing projects

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we leveraged our expertise in RNA analysis and became actively engaged in several major COVID-19 testing projects that involve individual testing, group (pooled) surveillance testing, and municipal wastewater surveillance.


An experienced management team

We have assembled an experienced management team led by former Morgan Stanley Bank CEO Rich Uhlig, as well as an expert medical advisory board comprised of recognized leaders in the areas of autism and epigenetic research to confidently guide us into the future.

Quadrant Biosciences company overview

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Meet the team

We have assembled a seasoned management team, as well as an experienced clinical advisory board comprising recognized leaders in the areas of autism and epigenetic research to confidently guide us into the future.

Our Board of Directors is composed of individuals with substantial knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, law, medicine, operations, intellectual property, and sales.

What do our investors have to say about us?

"We have 2 grandchildren who have been diagnosed with autism --- we aren't sure...a definitive answer would be wonderful for so many families."

"This is personal to me. My son was on the spectrum...but it took an incredible amount of time to get our initial diagnosis...The idea that we could have avoided the time spent testing through a simple and painless diagnostic test is incredible and one that I want to support."

"My grandchild is on the spectrum, and it took a while for her to be diagnosed. This is personal for me. I only wish I could invest more."

"Financial Freedom and Support and Belief in the Entrepreneurial Spirit. I'm a firm believer in building a Legacy of Wealth for my Generational Future. I want to invest in companies I believe in."

"As an educator I believe that this will change how we teach and interact with children in the future."

“I’m a pediatrician and believe in your work!” 

"As a physician, I am excited about the potential of an early diagnosis helping thousands of families."

"I am a retired pediatrician and this could change the lives of so many people for the better. G-d bless you!"

"As a special education teacher who works with students on the spectrum, I feel it is important to invest in companies that can improve the lives of those afflicted with ASD. Early detection can result in early interventions that will benefit the children living with ASD."

"You guys are doing great things and bio companies are a solid investment. I look forward to growing my portfolio with the company."

"I want to be part of the change that makes the world a better place. I invest in companies that I believe are a catalyst for creating sustainability and abundance for all."

"I think this test is of value to so many people. The number of children in the United States that go past 5 years of age if diagnosed at all is tremendous."

"I would love to be a small part in this incredible opportunity to help families help their children at an early age to lead as normal a life as possible with autism."

"I believe in the work you guys are doing and believe you will go a long long way."

"I see great potential for a high-gain low risk investment."

"Have autism in my family and like that you are focused on helping children."

"Planning to do great things together to help children and families across the world, says it all!!!!! Delighted to be a part. God bless!"

"Very promising and socially meaningful product and pipeline."

"I believe that Quadrant Biosciences Inc can help many families with children with autism. I have 2 nephews with autism. I also believe this a good opportunity to invest."

"Like to participate in the growth of company that has potential benefit to humanity."

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