Quadrant Biosciences is a life sciences company dedicated to improving the lives of children and families by delivering innovative diagnostic, therapeutic, and virtual care solutions for global health priorities.

Virtual Care

As You Are ™ is a virtual clinic with a team of pediatricians trained to conduct evaluations for autism. As You Are equips parents with the knowledge they need to help their children flourish.


Clinical Diagnostics

Quadrant Laboratories is focused on improving lives through the development of more accurate and timely diagnostics for large-scale health concerns such as COVID-19, autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson’s disease, and mild traumatic brain injury.

Behavioral Health

Frazier Behavioral Health ™ provides evidence-based treatment and teaching for interventions in practical social behavior techniques to help families live their best lives.





It all starts with a simple saliva sample. 

Our Clarifi ™ Dx diagnostic platform combines the analytical power of next generation sequencing and artificial intelligence, with the rich, biological medium of saliva to develop novel, molecular diagnostic tools for a range of global health issues including  autism spectrum disorder, concussion injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and COVID-19. 

Solutions-based approach to care


Scientific discovery alone is not always enough.

Quadrant Biosciences is committed to moving these scientific discoveries from research to clinical solutions for broader healthcare challenges. Our solutions include the Clarifi COVID-19 saliva test and As You Are, a virtual clinic designed to diagnose autism quickly.


Building the lab resources necessary to implement discoveries


Our laboratory is a 50-state CLIA/CLEP high complexity laboratory that supports our ongoing community testing efforts and enables us to facilitate the development and validation of our diagnostic tests.

Social Responsibility

Our mission is to use our science-based solutions to ensure communities across the nation have access to the care they need, when they need.  

From supporting cities, schools and workplaces with COVID-19 testing, to helping parents of children with autism or other neurodevelopmental conditions navigate through the diagnostic experience - we are built on the foundation of serving others, however we can.


Latest news

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Be part of a study

Autism research study

Children ages 18 months to 48 months with an autism diagnosis, developmental delays, or a suspicion of autism are eligible.

Parkinson’s Study

Help us learn how to better diagnose Parkinson’s Disease at an earlier stage.